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Steve on JD A with Backhoe.  JD 1010 crawler loader on bank.  Lincoln on JD 3010 with box scraper in the tree shadow.  Our log home on top of hill.
JD A with Backhoe in Pond
Lincoln on JD A with Backhoe
My son, Lincoln, age 14, operating the backhoe on our John Deere A.  He scooped out as deep as he could and we scraped it away with another tractor.  See the next picture below.
John Deere Tractors Digging a Pond
It felt like we were walking on water.  Today this area has grass growing on the banks and fish swimming in the pond.
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John Deere Model A tractor with backhoe and duals digging a pond.  The dirt is being hauled away with a JD 3010 and a JD box scraper.
John Deere Tractors
Digging a Pond