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Threshing Huber
Thresheree 1996.  Five threshing machines running at once.  Left three machines are threshing rye.  Fourth machine is threshing oats, fifth machine is threshing into a Cyclone which takes the air out.  The straw drops down to a belt driven silo filler which chops the straw and blows it into the chopper wagon.
Thresheree 1996.  Front view of the same thresheree above.  JD 730 diesel tractor in foreground, JD A tractor running the second threshing machine.
Thresheree 2000.  Steve on Huber threshing machine.
Thresheree 2000.  John Deere 730 diesel tractor (with triples) running the Huber threshing machine shown on above picture.
Thresheree 1996.  Baling straw with JD 3010 tractor.  JD A with backhoe is raking apart the straw stacks with help from a JD 60 with JD loader.
Thresheree 2000.  Lincoln baling straw with JD 3010.
Threshing Baling Straw
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